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We cannot attend one women’s circle, workshop or sign up to one coaching programme and expect to feel the lasting benefits in the months to come. That’s why we created The Sister Hood Subscription, which is a sacred place for you to experience FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME all year round.

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Here at My Social Sister, we have three main focuses: the communityself-care and accountability. The Sister Hood Subscription combines all three!! It supports you by:

Building Your Community

Join our Social Events and Retreats. Connect and engage and make friends with like-minded women in our Community Connection Calls, the Member's Directory, and The Sister Hood Chat.

Providing New Ways of Practicing Self Care

Join our online Masterclasses and Industry Expert Embodiment Workshops. Watch our Guided Meditations and enjoy your Self Care Subscription Boxes.

Being Your Accountability Partner

Hold yourself accountable using our Downloadable Resources such as the Routine Planner, and show up for yourself & your Sisterhood.

For a detailed description of what's included in the Sister Hood Subscription, click the link below to go back to the Membership Page.

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Membership Plans

We have an annual plan, which includes 4 FREE Self Care Subscription Boxes to pay in full for the year, or monthly options too!

Choose what's best for you and become a member of The Sister Hood today.